Is down right now?
Is down now?
Is down right now?
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2020/06/04 16:00:37 UP, HTTP 200

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If you are not able to connect to this domain, it doesn't mean that the website is down. Follow these tips and then write a comment!

  • Press CTRL + F5. If problem persists, don't worry.
  • Make sure there isn't a problem with connecting to other websites.
  • Use alternative URLs.
  • Check firewall. It may have blocked the domain.

If you are still experiencing problems, it could be a DNS error.
Clear DNS cache (for Windows) - Start > Command Prompt > type "ipconfig /flushdns" review

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Otori | 03/06/20 - 16:53
I renewed my membership but unable to stream, no reply from site.
Otori | 03/06/20 - 16:53
I renewed my membership but unable to stream, no reply from site.
Vera | 25/05/20 - 19:22
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imradg2g | 24/05/20 - 02:22
I can't login through facebook any more. Im getting an "app not setup" error. Any one else with a similar issue? | 17/05/20 - 18:11 website is not working anymore.i can’t use this side in one week what’s the problem
jsomm32 | 11/05/20 - 18:36
thank god it's finally back up
ThatGuy | 09/05/20 - 02:31
Has anyone tried with a VPN to see if its a geographical thing? Its been down for me in the US for a couple of days
Jsomm32 | 08/05/20 - 23:12
and it's been down since May 6th - possibly longer.
jsomm32 | 08/05/20 - 23:11
Yeah It's still down for me, even though it shows above as 'being up'
neehow | 06/05/20 - 03:26
ya its been down all day, hopefully it comes back soon.
Jsomm32 | 06/03/20 - 03:33
It’s down for me as well
Sonja | 05/03/20 - 09:20
I cant connect to chillax at all
listeele77 | 07/02/20 - 20:21
chillax is not working